If you were in the market for a new tablet back in 2011, it would have been entirely possible for you to consider one of HTC's four tablet models as part of your potential line-up. If you were in the market anytime after mid-2012, however, picking up a brand new HTC tablet off the shelf was a rarity. For nearly two and a half years now, HTC has been mum in the tablet market while they completely revamped the way they made and marketed smartphones. Given the success of HTC's revamped One line, I'd say the move was probably in HTC's best interest.

The One is going on two years strong now, but even just one good year might have given HTC reason enough to try and re-enter the tablet market, and what better way to do so than by partnering up with Google? That's right; if rumors end up shining true, it looks like the next Nexus tablet (which might be pulling a Microsoft and skipping right over 8 and going straight for 9) may very well be made by our friends over at HTC. Honestly, I'm quite interested in how HTC's take on tablets will turn out.

I've always somehow been impressed by HTC's designs, but not always for the same reasons. I liked the EVO (among other models) for the awesome included kickstand (which I think should make a comeback, by the way); I liked the MyTouch 3G Slide for the solid build of the phone and how well the slide-out keyboard was made; and I liked the One for its solid build and, most notably, the dual front-facing BoomSound speakers. HTC has a way with coming out with remarkable and memorable design elements, and I'm hoping to see the same from their alleged new tablet.

There hasn't been as much on leaks when it comes to the Nexus 9 compared to the Nexus 6 (allegedly a Motorola phone, also known as "Shamu") so there's a lot to be left to the imagination. With it being a Nexus device, I think it's safe to assume that we're not going to see any Sense skin - the software is all about having the stock or "vanilla" Android experience. HTC's part in the tablet will mostly be about the design and performance, and I'm guessing that we'll see something close to how the One is designed: aluminum unibody, hopefully two front-facing speakers, and likely some sort of UltraPixel camera on the back.

Honestly, I think that a One design in tablet form would likely end up a lot like the first iPad, although probably a lot thinner and with a much better performance. I think the only thing I would change if HTC were to supersize the One's design would be to give part of the tablet a soft matte finish for easy gripping - aluminum is not exactly the easiest material to get a good grip on. Aside from that, I really have no complaints about the potential for a supersized One.

I could be entirely off the mark and HTC might have some completely different design up their sleeve, but I feel like anything else would take away from HTC's latest trademark design. The Nexus 7 did leave some big shoes to fill (especially in terms of how comfortable the device is to hold in the hand) but I have high hopes that HTC and Google will be able to deliver something equally as gratifying. This is HTC's big chance to prove that they're officially "back" when it comes to both smartphones and tablets.

Source: http://www.phonedog.com/2014/10/05/i-m-excited-to-see-htc-s-new-take-on-the-tablet/